Conference services

A well-equipped auditorium with 130 seats equipped with writing tablets.

Meeting offer


EUR 150 8.00 a.m.–5.00 p.m. after 5 p.m., an additional charge of EUR 20 for every extra hour.

EUR 80 less than 4 hours


- 130 seats equipped with small writing tablets

- Video projector

- Computer

- Flip chart

- Internet connection

Meals, snacks and coffee:

Lunch will be served in the buffet of the café next to the auditorium.

For example:

- Green salad

- Perky reindeer-mushroom stew

- Rice

- Quark with berries, coffee

- Bread basket and drinks EUR 22.00 per person


- Coffee and a savoury pastry EUR 6.50 per person

- Coffee and a pastry EUR 3.40 per person